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Rolls-Royce: The Complete Works: The Best 599 Stories about the World's Best Car - Mike Fox, Steven Smith

For an automotive guru such as myself this book is awesome. It tells stories of owners famous and non-famous, It tells you the crazy wacky custom combos that people have done ranging from extra wide running boards and search lights for tiger hunting to secret compartments that only the owner knew about. This book has a wide array of information, although I'm not yet finished I have learned a lot about Rolls-Royce and their legacy of genuine luxury cars. It is amusing to learn about certain custom requests that they (Rolls-Royce) have accepted and denied. So far I've learned about everything from their origins to the design of their famous radiator grille. As I have said this book is a great selection for any automotive guru who would like to know a few fun facts that nobody knows about!